Improve wholesale with better data driven decisions from product testing and customer feedback.

Product testing in wholesale

Wholesale businesses are facing many challenges when it comes to product decisions and stock optimisation. Relying too heavily on historical data and gut feel has resulted in a cycle of constant discounting for brands and retailers who fail to meet their customers' expectations. This meant that last quarter 49.1% of products brought to market were discounted during their lifecycle.

How can product testing help?

Use data as a sales tool

Product testing gives partners confidence to back decisions on the right stock quantities. With early product feedback wholesale partners can take the opportunity to buy into new styles, moving away from relying solely on historical best sellers.

Get insights into location and demograpic data

Product Future by Mallzee Insights offers partners insight into how product will perform in their location and for their own customer demographic. This way you can tailor their selection to their own customer base, ensuring the optimal range is selected to obtain a strong sell-through.

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Ensure there is enough depth in your wholesale buys

Use data to ensure key items are backed in enough depth to guarantee these items will be available to trade in season.

Increase in-season stock buys

Use data to push in season stock buys, for example with mail outs of highest rated styles or by highlighting the top rated products on your B2B site.

Open new accounts

Product testing helps you acquire new potential customers by providing insight into how well your brand could perform against competitors, in their particular location or within their customer demographic.

Product testing to help with marketing

Armed with powerful insights about product performance and customer preferences, you can work with partners to align and focus their marketing strategy with the most suitable customer demographic.

Product testing helps you maximise revenue from seasonal buys, cut markdowns and improve gross margin. Find out what product testing can do to your bottom line by speaking with the Mallzee team.

Introduce product testing in your wholesale business

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