Who does this?

Product Future is designed to drive real outcomes for our retail partners through product testing, that’s why we build models to track performance improvements. Based on these we can confidently state that for new partners we’ll improve gross margin between 3-6.11% on products tested compared to products not tested.

When testing products our client's confidentiality is key and we insist on entering into an NDA before testing any products.

UK Menswear Retailer

UK Menswear retailer providing classic clothing with a modern twist. Losing track of who their core customer is, meant the brand had suffered from poor stock management and spreading collections too wide over multiple seasons. Approaching Mallzee they wanted to refocus their collections and buy deeper rather than wider.

Product Future Campaign

AW17 Jackets


Using Product Future the brand were able to identify their best/worst performing products to stock accordingly. This highlighted a potential uplift in revenues of 5.69% through no additional product spend.

Fast Growing Brand

This fast growing brand doesn’t have any historical data to use when making product decisions and instead uses Product Future to help make informed decisions on new lines.

Product Future Campaign

AW17 Footwear


In addition to successfully identifying the winning products in their collections this brand used the insights generated to grow their wholesale channels, helping achieve 150% increase in channel turnover.

Traditional UK Retailer

A traditional UK based female-focused retailer used Product Future to highlight likely performance before their AW17 collection and to improve their marketing activities. With a 6-month development cycle ordering in season for this retailer is nearly impossible so ensuring the correct stock at the start of the season is vital.

Product Future Campaign

AW17 Partywear


Across just 14 products an additional £40,441.31 in revenue was identified alongside ‘soft’ benefits of improved product marketing and brand advertising. This meant a 14X ROI for the partner.