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Mallzee - shopping made easy

Mallzee is the UK’s leading multi-retailer fashion shopping app, and the original ‘Tinder for Fashion’. The app helps people find, compare, save and buy clothes quickly and easily from hundreds of high street retailers. We’ve been downloaded over 1.5 million times and see tens of millions of customer opinions about products generated every month.

With thousands of daily active users browsing clothes, shoes and accessories from hundreds of brands and retailers, Mallzee has the most complete and in-depth pool of data on shopping habits from a wide range of shoppers and audiences across the UK. This dataset now looks at over 3 million products in the UK.

The Mallzee shopper

Mallzee is used daily by thousands of people from different age groups, genders and locations, all with unique shopping preferences and buying habits. This gives retailers a unique chance to reach a varied set of shoppers; within their existing customer groups as well as new customers they aspire to reach.

Segmented customer groups

Our apps are optimised for multiple customer groups, with a range of ages, gender and locations. We serve targeted content to users based on their preferences and shopping behaviours, which means you can always get your products in front of the right audience.

Shopping app audiences

The first step in working with a partner is understanding their current customer groups - what audiences they are targeting, what are the aspirational groups they would like to reach, and what are the attributes and preferences of their current shopping audience. We target product testing campaigns to the relevant users, based on your brand preferences as well as the consumer behaviours.

Mallzee Shopping App on iPhone

Comparative & competitive retail insights

As an “always-on” shopping experience we’ve gathered a database of over 531 million customer opinions on over 3 million products. This allows us to view the performance of your products in relation to the wider market, which is key to remaining competitive in today’s market. Our scoring system takes into account comparative sets of products from similar retailers and price points to establish how your products are going to perform when brought to market - not just against your historical performers but also your direct competitors.

Historical data

Having a historical dataset on your products improves the accuracy of results. we recommend as you start testing products to improve performance, we also list your live products on our app, if we don’t already through affiliate programmes.

Authentic shopping insights or retail focus groups?

A lot of retail businesses use focus groups or surveys to understand consumer preference and shopping habits. This approach traditionally worked but in the modern world of retail it is not able to scale in the manner most retailers need and only provides a limited and theoretical view on likely performance.

Generating behavioural and product preference data from a real shopping experience means it mirrors actual performance more accurately than other solutions and that data is generated on the market as a whole, avoiding reliance on an isolated data set.

Mallzee Insights gives access to better insights, authentic data and a stronger starting point for making product decisions, so that you can maximise revenue and improve your margins - all with no technical integration and scalable commercial terms to fit all retail businesses.

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