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Product Future is designed to drive real outcomes for our retail partners through product testing, that’s why we build models to track performance improvements. Based on these we can confidently state that for new partners we’ll improve gross margin between 2.81-6.11% on products tested compared to products not tested.

When testing products our client's confidentiality is key and we insist on entering into an NDA before testing any products.

The outcome

Improved full price sell-through and reduced stock outages on your best lines.

Partners testing products with Mallzee see an improvement to gross margin of between 2.81-6.11% when incorporating Product Future into their product development decisions.

Our approach is based on collaborating with you by providing your buying, merchandising and trading teams with in-depth customer feedback to supplement the other data sources they utilise when making decisions about new products.

Product Future is best introduced at your sampling phase and adds no time to your critical path thanks to our quick turnaround times resulting from our vast Mallzee user base.

Working with Mallzee has greatly improved our stock management as we are quickly able to identify the winners and the losers.

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