Tommy Hilfiger vs Calvin Klein

Who is the fashion favourite? Our Mallzee Insights competitor analysis looks at the most popular products from each brand, and how they each perform overall.

Big labels, even bigger logos - but who's the winner?

Mallzee Insights has collected over 530 million customer opinions on 3 million products from more than 150 brands, and our data powers actionable insights for retailers who want to grow sales, improve margins and make better product decisions.

From our database of product data - the largest collection of customer preference data in the UK - comes this competitor analysis of two of the biggest names in the market. Without understanding customer preferences and what appeals to your shopping audience, retailers struggle to make the right choices about the products to stock and promote to their customers. In this competitor deepdive, you'll find examples of data Mallzee Insights can provide, as well as finding out how two leading retailers used product testing data to make better stock decisions. Download the full report to find out who has the competitive advantage and receive exclusive weekly insights from our data team.

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