Product testing can help you reduce your environmental impact by understanding consumer preference before you commit to stock decisions.

Product testing helps sustainability

The retail industry has a high impact on the environmental challenges we face today. Large fashion brands, retail chains and high street shops have a significant problem with overstock, which some solve by shipping large amounts of unsold stock to landfill, or simply burning it all.

This is not a sustainable strategy, for your business or for the environment. We believe that through using Product Future, our retail partners can improve the sustainability of their offering, alongside generating significant financial benefits and improving profitability. It can be hard to quantify, but improving sustainability and reducing the environmental impact is something we at Mallzee Insights will explore with you when we work together on a long term basis. Product Future enables our partners to:

  • Reduce terminal stock - in turn removing the production and transportation environmental impact this creates
  • Reduce landfill generated by consumers purchasing products primarily due to the discount level
  • Reduce sampling and small run production through testing at CAD development stage, which reduces the increased transportation environmental impact created through this process

A longer term engagement will offer us the opportunity to explore this important benefit it much more detail.

How can Product Testing help your business become more sustainable?

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