How brands and retailers can avoid heavy discounting and maximise sales by introducing product testing to their product development cycle.

Retail industry discounting

The current approach to product development is broken. Relying too heavily on historical data and gut feel has resulted in a cycle of constant discounting for brands and retailers who fail to meet their customers' expectations. This meant that last quarter 49.1% of products brought to market were discounted during their life-cycle…

Less discounting, better sales results

Imagine if you could know exactly what consumers thought about your new products before committing to stock. Wouldn’t that help you improve your product offering, make better decisions about stock and reduce your discount rate? By ordering more of the better-performing products and less stock that your customers are not interested in, you will increase your full-price sell-through rate and have less stock to discount at the end of a season.

Product testing improves margins

Product Future by Mallzee Insights lets you do just this. Retailers introducing product testing into their stock decision process and product lifecycle achieve a gross margin increase of up to 6.1%. By generating tens of thousands of customer opinions on upcoming products your teams can know what your customers really want and optimise your range and stock levels accordingly.

Product testing helps you maximise revenue from seasonal buys, cut markdowns and improve gross margin. Find out what product testing can do to your bottom line by speaking with the Mallzee team.

Retail industry discount stats

Mallzee Insights have built the largest customer opinion dataset in the UK. With more than 530 million customer opinions on over 3.5 million products, we have unrivalled data to provide retailers with historic customer insights and competitor benchmarking. We also have in-depth data about discounting trends, which gives us a unique insight into the UK retail market. Contact us today to find out more about the insight we can provide for you and your retail business.

From gut feel to data

Our comprehensive retail data is key to predicting performance when testing new products. As well as capturing authentic and immediate customer opinions in a real shopping situation, we can predict performance based on similar products in a historic context. This allows us to predict success in a more accurate manner than by solely using historical data and gut feel.

Break the discounting cycle with product testing

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