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The current approach to product development is broken. Relying too heavily on historical data and gut feel has resulted in a cycle of constant discounting for brands and retailers who fail to meet their customers' expectations. Here are some great resources to help your business reduce reliance on discounting.

Case studies and reports

Mallzee Insights provide a number of large UK brands and retailers with powerful and actionable insights on their products early in the product lifecycle. Being able to collect authentic customer insights on products, competitive benchmarking and historical data on millions of products gives the partners we work with data to make better decisions that impact their bottom line. Read some of our case studies to find out how they have benefitted from these insights.

Case study: How testing prints increased sales across lines

Jacket Required: Which menswear products performed best

Adidas vs Nike: Who is winning the trainer war?

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein: Competitor analysis


Through capturing over 530 million opinions on more than 3 million products from hundreds of brands and retailers, we have gained a lot of insights into how customers interact with products they like and don't like. We share some of our insights and thoughts in our series of short videos - have a look at the Mallzee Insights channel on YouTube, or view some of our favourite videos here:

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