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The current approach to product development is broken. Relying too heavily on historical data and gut feel has resulted in a cycle of constant discounting for brands and retailers who fail to meet their customers' expectations. This meant that last quarter 49.1% of products brought to market were discounted during their life-cycle… Here are some great resources to help your business reduce reliance on discounting.

Guides to better product insights

Many retail businesses are struggling to improve margins and grow sales on the right products. Without understanding customer preferences and what appeals to your shopping audience, retailers struggle to make the right choices about the products to stock and promote to their customers. Read our guides to improve the way you make decisions about products.

Guide to product testing

Guide to improving margins

Guide to audience based marketing

Guide to data driven decision making in retail

Product testing helps you maximise revenue from seasonal buys, cut markdowns and improve gross margin. Find out what product testing can do to your bottom line by speaking with the Mallzee team.

Case Studies

Case study: How testing prints increased sales across lines

Case study: Finding the right audience

Case study: Christmas jumpers and bikini season


Through capturing over 530 million opinions on more than 3 million products from hundreds of brands and retailers, we have gained a lot of insights into how customers interact with products they like and don't like. We share some of our insights and thoughts in our series of short videos - have a look at the Mallzee Insights channel on YouTube, or view some of our favourite videos here:

3 minutes with Cally Russell
Mallzee found me the perfect dress

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