What is product testing?

Gather authentic customer insights and make better stock decisions with product testing from Mallzee Insights.

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How do you make sure you put the right products out on the market, at the right time and at the right price? The smartest retailers use data and customer insights to make better product decisions.

Product testing allows you to test products early in their development cycle. By introducing early feedback from real users, you can harness customer-centric data to make better decisions about what products to stock and what to avoid.

Increase your teams' hit rate, reduce exposure to slow-moving or even terminal stock and improve your results with product testing from Mallzee Insights.

Product testing helps retailers:

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Product testing explained

The most successful businesses harness in-depth, forward-looking customer insights in their product decisions. In the trend-led retail and fashion industry, smart solutions to capture customer insights early in the product cycle have not been available. Now, in a rapidly changing retail market with significant challenges that most retailers are critically aware of, it is becoming a vital process to include. Mallzee Inisghts have launched a powerful tool to help retailers take advantage of customer data. Product testing can help ensure your business makes the right stock decisions, by tapping into the consumer zeitgeist.

Product Future, Mallzee’s product testing solution, allows retailers and brands of all sizes to test products in their development stage before stock decisions are made, by promoting them on the Mallzee shopping app as an exclusive ‘first look’ to an audience of thousands of daily active users. Through a simple swipe interface, consumers express their opinions and preferences for your pre-release products, providing authentic product preferences on how they feel about your products long before they are launched in the shops.

How does product testing work?

Pre-release product testing lets you quickly test products at the early stages of their development, from CADs, 3D modelling or samples. You will get product opinions from real users through the Mallzee app, and we generate a comprehensive report with in-depth insights and performance data. With this approach you'll have confidence about customer preferences and a clear view of product performance within the market, as your products are benchmarked against similar items from direct competitors.

The Mallzee Insights database is the most comprehensive in the market, including the performance of over 3.5 million products from over 150 brands and retailers over the last 5 years.

A new approach to product development

Every time you buy stock without including the customer in your decision making process, you miss an opportunity to improve results and maximise the sales of your product collections.

By listening to your customers early on in your product development cycle, you gain invaluable insights that help your teams have the edge over the competition when making decisions about what products to back and what products to avoid.

Companies that include product testing and customer opinions in early decision making can grow gross margins by up to 6% - all with no technical integration. Avoid losing market share to more customer-focused retailers by bringing in product testing on your own collections now.

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Product testing helps retail by:

Reducing markdowns

Reducing markdowns

Increasing revenue

Increasing revenue

Increase Gross Margin and Profitability

Targeting the right customers

Extending the trading window of best-sellers

Extending the trading window of best-sellers

Removing or reducing poor-performing stock

Removing or reducing poor-performing stock

Gaining confidence to setting the right price from day one

Increasing price accuracy from day one

Identifying trends in prints, patterns or cuts

Identifying trends in prints, patterns or cuts

Uncovering new audiences to target

Uncovering new audiences to target

Making marketing & advertising campaigns work better

Improving performance from marketing & advertising

How can product testing help your business?

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