Pre-release product testing from Mallzee Insights

How do you get 2.8-6.1% gross margin increases through better buying and merchandising?

With Mallzee Insights you can test products at sample or CAD stage with our engaged shopping community. Find out which products will sell, which won’t and to what audiences - and make better stock decisions as a result.

Product testing helps you maximise revenue from seasonal buys, cut markdowns and improve gross margin. Talk to the team at Mallzee Insights to find out how your business can make significant gross margin improvements too.

Increase gross margin and profitability

Increase stock of what will be the best performing lines from the start to ensure you maximise on sales. Reduce exposure to less popular lines by getting early reads on product performance. Learn more

Focus on real customer feedback

Get authentic insights from customers in a real shopping situation, rather than relying on theoretical feedback from focus groups or surveys. Learn more

Understand market positioning

Benchmark against your competitors and millions of products that have previously been on the market. Learn more

Improve sustainability

Reduce waste by limiting overstock and needless sampling to minimise your environmental impact. Learn more

Unlock new customer growth

Understand which products appeal to new customer groups to capitalise on sales opportunities. Learn more

Reduce time to market

Test products in the design stage through CADs and reduce the need for long internal review processes. Learn more

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