Product Future

Product Future is a unique solution that arms retailers with real consumer opinions on specified SKUs before making merchandising decisions with the single aim of increasing full price stock sell through. A unique and specific data set is built for every new client with our expert data science team working to interpret millions of data points and give you real insight to consider when making stock decisions.

Minimise Overstock

Personalise Marketing

Optimise Best Sellers

Product Future from Mallzee lets you test products with real consumers in a real shopping environment to optimise your selection before ordering and in turn increase full price sell through. By predicting success levels before stock placement Product Future tackles the core fundamental to increasing profitability.

What Product Future can do for you…

  • Optimise Bestsellers

    Avoid selling out of category bestsellers before demand is met to increase your full price sell through. Product Future can give you real consumer insight on your exact products before placing stock orders. The insight provides the confidence to go deep on the best products to avoid selling out before demand is fulfilled or costly time wasted on replenishing stock.

  • Minimise Overstock

    Our unique pre-stock ordering insight also helps avoid costly overstock issues, highlighting the pieces where stock levels should be reduced or perhaps avoided altogether. This is a key step in tackling the ongoing discount and sales cycle faced by so many retailers.

  • Optimise Marketing

    Product Future insights can be used to highlight hero pieces from a collection to help you select advertising campaign feature products. All Product Future campaigns also include demographic breakdowns to highlight the best performing products for each subgroup, insight that can help in optimising targeted online marketing campaigns.

  • Bespoke Insights

    As every Product Future campaign is unique, we’re able to provide bespoke reports detailing additional relevant insights on the audience that show a high affinity with your brand. From location and device type breakdowns to aid location merchandising decisions, price sensitivity indicators, suggested competitors and beyond, all reports are built specifically for each campaign by highly skilled data scientists, for the most valuable insights that can be used across your business.

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Product Future is powered by Mallzee, the multi retailer shopping app. This approach sets us apart from industry competitors with a resulting dataset that is entirely unique and pulled direct from genuine consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do Product Future tests run?

    Product Future is powered by Mallzee, the award winning multi retailer shopping app that generates consumer opinion in a real life live shopping environment. Your test SKUs will be displayed live for consumers to interact with and generate real time insight.

  • What are the demographics of your test audience?

    All test audiences are entirely bespoke to the campaign. Before your campaign goes live, we’ll work with you to define the right test audience for your collection so we only generate the opinions that are relevant to you. With millions of data points captured every day, we have hundreds of attributes available to define even the most specific audiences.

  • What do I need to provide?

    Product Future campaigns have minimum set up and zero website integration. All you need to provide are the specific products you want plus the title, imagery and RRP that will be displayed for your product.

  • How long does it take?

    The length of time to generate statistical relevant insights depends on the target demographic of the campaign. We can often run campaigns in as little as 48 hours.

  • How much does it cost?

    We offer two payment models for partners to fit any size retailer or campaign; either a set fee per product tested or a small set up cost and a % of increase profit.

  • Do you pay users to rate products?

    We never incentivise or ask users to share their opinion on a product as this alters the validity of the data. Mallzee Insights data is entirely unique as it is generated in a real life shopping environment by genuine consumers with valid intent.

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