Product Future from Mallzee

Early customer feedback through product testing helps retail businesses reduce markdown & improve results.

Pre-Release Product Testing with Mallzee Insights

Product Future from Mallzee Insights lets brands and retailers launch products on our consumer shopping app, Mallzee, before committing to stock to get rapid customer feedback and insights. This is done through our ‘First Look’ section where users browse products via a simple ‘Like/ Dislike’ interface. Through a series of advanced algorithms we compare the performance of these products to the 530 million customer opinions we’ve previously generated on over 3.5 million products.

This insight helps companies improve their buying and merchandising decisions and significantly increase gross margins.

Predicting product performance

Product Future from Mallzee Insights allows you to use much more than historical data to predict the performance of your clothing line or collection. Live shopping data from our popular multi-retailer shopping app gives you authentic insights into whether customers like the products you are showing them. Find out what people in various age groups and locations think, and benchmark product performance to Mallzee Insights' comprehensive data set of over 530 million product opinions on products from hundreds of retailers and top UK brands. This data allows our partners to understand the full market as part of our competitor benchmarking process. We enable you to understand the performance of your products alongside core competitors - not just your own collections in isolation.

Mallzee Shopping App on iPhone

For someone that doesn’t love Excel, the visual approach of the report data is easy to understand and utilise.

Senior Footwear Buyer at a £900M + turnover fashion group

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