Page: Data (Overview Tiles)


Page: Data (Overview Tiles)

Data Points

  • Every relevant user interaction or attribute is recorded live as users engage with the Mallzee app. These interactions are stored as data points to build our ultimate data set. We track millions of data points across the user experience from product saves to image dwell time and many more.
  • These data points are combined and analysed through sophisticated algorithms, designed by our Data Science Team to ultimately provide clear and actionable insights for your business.

Data Science Team

  • Our Data Science Team is made up of statistics professionals with a background in data science research, so they really know their data. The team are tasked with ensuring absolute validity of our data both in terms of collection and processing.

    With detailed standards in statistical significance, all campaigns must adhere to a minimum standard and usually go beyond so you can be confident of your results.

  • Data Science is also at the forefront of product development and innovation. With such a close eye on the data, the team are constantly mining for new data points to work with and new insights to unearth for you.

    With skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning, these guys go way beyond simple statistics. We know the importance of staying at the forefront of your market and it’s the Data Science team’s mission to bring you new and unique insights to set you apart.

Nov 12, 2017

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