Our technology

Mallzee Insights use cutting-edge technology, big data and advanced analytics technology to provide retailers with actionable insights.

Solving retail technology problems

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make the correct stock decisions for retailers in today's competitive market. The current approach relies heavily on historical data and software solutions that do not allow in-depth analysis of big, predictive data. This means that critical business decisions are made looking through the rear-view mirror, instead of facing forward and looking at innovation, technology solutions and data to drive results. The best fashion businesses implement in-depth, forward looking customer insights in their product decisions.

Retail analytics tools

At Mallzee Insights we have developed a suite of retail analytics and product testing tools that work seamlessly with your existing IT and technology solutions. Using our API with no technical integration needed, we bring your products in front of targeted audiences, gather feedback and provide you with in-depth analysis.

Product testing software solutions

Product testing with Mallzee Insights brings your products in front of targeted audiences to gather feedback. With a simple swipe interface, users in an authentic shopping situation provide instant feedback on your product lines before you launch them. Through a series of advanced algorithms, we compare the products performance to over 530 million customer opinions already generated on over 3.5 million products in the app.

Mallzee Insights technology stack

Mallzee Insights uses the most advanced technology available on the market, including:

  • 1. Native app and web frameworks

    The UK's leading multi-retailer shopping app from Mallzee is developed in Swift, Java and React to provide an excellent user experience for customers using Mallzee across multiple devices and platforms.

  • 2. Machine learning

    Mallzee Insights uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence processes to quickly process information about products, including categorisation and classification, benchmarking against historical performance, and predictive analysis.

  • 3. Amazon Web Services - AWS

    From data warehouses, logging, and tools for data streaming, we work on a number of AWS platforms and services. Our team of developers, data scientists and data engineers regularly do talks about our use of AWS, including the AWS Summit in London and at Amazon Web Services User Groups.

  • 4. Elasticsearch

    With a dataset of over 3.5 million products and thousands of new products in the Mallzee app every day, search is a key feature in the Mallzee app. We use Elasticsearch to optimise the search experience and discoverability of our products.

  • 5. Proprietary and custom retail technology platforms

    As well as using the latest software platforms and contributing to open-source technology, we use our retail data expertise to develop our own technology tools and dedicated retail software to solve difficult data problems for retailers. From our own stock management platform and customer order system to custom logging, reporting and analysis tools - Mallzee Insights is at the forefront of retail technology.

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