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Mallzee works with leading UK retailers and brands. We drive real outcomes for our retail partners by testing products with consumers before stock decisions are made.

Mallzee Insights Partners

We currently work with leading retailers focused on the UK market to provide authentic insights and real customer data on early-stage products. Since launching Product Future we’ve provided customer feedback and competitive product insights for a broad range of market leading partners, inlcluding top UK high street brands and leading retailers. The companies we have worked with in the past year has a combined turnover of around £4bn. With product testing improving margins for these retailers of up to 6.1%, Mallzee Insights becomes an invaluable trusted partner to help retailers maximise revenue and drive strategic growth.

For someone that doesn’t love Excel, the visual approach of the report data is easy to understand and utilise.

Senior Footwear Buyer at a £900M + turnover fashion group

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