Looking at Mallzee’s Product Intelligence platform we can see that 42% of Off-White products are graded 9 and 10 putting them in the top 20% of all products in their categories.

With such a high proportion of their products sitting at the top, we know that Mallzee consumers currently love Off-White, and it’s not just in one category that they’re winning. High-scoring products can be seen across the board. From eye-catching sliders emblazed with neon, to black tees with emblazoned with primary coloured graphics:

Off-White have established their brand on the back of Virgil Abloh. After interning at Fendi alongside Kanye West his profile has only continued to grow as the renounded Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton alongside his role as CEO and founder of Off-White and the brand has seen savvy collaborations with Nike, Levi, Jimmy Choo, IKEA and Évian have boosted their presence. Plus, stylised features like the use of quotation marks, zip ties, yellow industrial buckle belt designs are differentiating their products in a crowded market place.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, founder Abloh stated the following about their target demographic:  

The concept with Off-White is that I have no ideal target. It's more about trying to make something for everyone. And I think that's what helps make it unique. That there isn't a specific muse. It's sort of modern in that way, where I hope it attracts the attention of various different people.

Although perhaps an unorthodox approach, it looks like its working. There are however some products where bolder doesn’t  look to be better:

But these products are in the minority. In general, for Off-White we’re seeing a strong performance with positive intent to purchase across the Mallzee app.