• Product Future Campaign

    Product Future campaigns show pre-release products to consumers as part of their shopping experience and allows them to rate the products through the Mallzee app’s ‘Tinder Style’ interface. For a campaign to be successful the products are targeted to a specific target demographic and to ensure statistical relevance there needs to be in excess of 400 consumer ratings on each product. The Mallzee Insights team worked with Fairfax & Favor to gain a deep understanding of their key consumer and worked to acquire and target the most relevant users, specifically for the campaign.

    The Results

    Across three campaigns Product Future predicted the best and worst performers from each collection. The categories ranged from bags and boots to accessories. The overall hit rates for these campaign was over 80% and directly correlated to the sales performance of the collections once they were brought to market. This data was used to create resources to improve both Direct to Consumer and Wholesale channels.

  • Two Best Performing Products


  • How Was This Data Used

    Product Future data was used to increase Fairfax & Favor’s turnover from wholesale channels as the insights generated were used to convince partners to stock additional lines and increase stock quantities. The individual consumer profiling on each product was also used by their web team to improve targeting on digital channels to help increase full price sell through.

  • The Future

    Mallzee is committed to helping Fairfax & Favor continue their strong growth in the coming months and years. At the end of 2017 Fairfax & Favor will run their full summer collection through Product Future ahead of purchasing decisions.

Dec 14, 2017

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