Mallzee MPS - Product Performance Scoring

MPS - Understanding product performance

Product Future from Mallzee Insights lets brands and retailers launch products on our consumer shopping app, Mallzee, before committing to stock purchase decisions. Products tested are scored with a simple to understand, yet highly complex scoring system - the Mallzee MPS. This performance scoring analyses statistical significant interactions with your products, benchmarking them against similar or related items, and provides you with actionable insights about the predicted performance of your products when they are launched to the market.

Collecting the MPS

The product testing process is done through Mallzee Insights ‘First Look’ section on the Mallzee app. Customers browse products via a simple ‘Like/ Dislike’ interface, and through a series of advanced algorithms we compare the performance of tested products to the 531 million customer opinions we’ve previously generated - benchmarking them against a historic data set of over 3 million products. This way you get rapid customer feedback and insights, providing your teams with confidence about what lines to invest in for maximum profitability.

Reporting and analysis

As part of this product testing process Mallzee Insights provides in-depth reports on individual products and how they perform with your targeted audiences. We combine the power of data with our retail analyst expert experience to give you the best data about your products. This insight helps you improve your buying and merchandising decisions, which can significantly increase gross margins.

The MPS calculation, as well as the grading of a product can be computed on the full user base that has interacted with the product, or the data can be split by the demographics and persona you are particularly interested in.

Benchmarking Product Scores

Fashion trends do not exist in isolation. As the Mallzee app is used daily by thousands of people from a range of ages, genders, locations and shopping preferences, we have collected millions of opinions about products across multiple fashion clothing and apparel categories. When assigning performance scores to a product after a product testing campaign, we benchmark the results against relevant products to give them ratings in the relevant context. This gives you an accurate, reliable metric to base your performance prediction on, helping you maximise profit on the right product lines.

Segmented Customer Groups

Our apps are optimised for multiple customer groups, with a range of ages, gender and locations. Our grading takes into consideration the context of the user, different customer groups with their preferences and shopping behaviours. This means we can share details about how your products perform with a variety of audiences.

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