Customer opinions from the Mallzee shopping app

Mallzee - The UK's leading multi-retailer shopping app

Since its launch in 2013, Mallzee has generated over 530 million authentic customer opinions on over 3 million fashion products through our product suite - making us the largest customer opinion database on fashion products.

Our award winning shopping app have been downloaded over 1.5 million times, receiving praise for our unique approach to shopping. With a simple but powerful interface, consumers interact with full product collections from thousands of brands and 150 core retail partners; saving products they like and discarding those they don’t. All of these products are shoppable directly through the app, with free delivery.

We drop pre-release products into this process via our “Exclusive First Looks”. These are products which are not shoppable in the app, but presented to customers as a natural part of their shopping experience. This process showcases potential products to targeted audiences, generating tens of thousands of customer opinions on our partners’ new collections before they make stock decisions.

This process allows Mallzee Insights to generate actionable data to help buying, merchandising, trading and marketing teams significantly improve performance, trade better and improve margins - all through listening to what customers really want and improving their overview of the retail market and their positioning within it.

Authentic shopping insights and retail analytics

Generating data within a real shopping experience means that our apps give retailers insight into the actual performance of their products, much more accurately than traditional focus group or incentivized surveys. Data is generated on the full market and not just a small snapshot of your own products, providing context and avoiding an isolated view of what will work, meaning that you have comprehensive and detailed insights into actual shopper opinions rather than relying on a small poorly aligned customer grouping to set your product direction.

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Tailored customer groups

Mallzee shoppers range from 13 to 60 and have a wide range of tastes - from supermarket shoppers, high end to high street and all the way through to the fast fashion addict. When working with a partner we start by understanding their current audiences, target markets and the aspirational user bases that they would like to reach. Through our powerful market segmentation and user behaviours, we then target product testing campaigns directly to just the consumers they want to engage with.

Benchmarking and competitive insights

With hundreds of millions of product opinions on a wide range of product categories, styles and brands, Mallzee can compare product performance against both your own existing and competitor offerings.This allows us to view the performance of your products in relation to the wider market, which is key to remaining competitive in today’s marketplace and really understanding how a product will perform during product testing.. Our scoring systems takes into account comparative sets of products from similar retailers and price points to establish how your products are going to perform when brought to market.

Historical data from app performance

With years of shopping data from audiences browsing, shopping and rating products, Mallzee has significant historical data to compare new products to. Having a historical dataset to provide context for your products, improves the accuracy of product testing results.

The Mallzee customer opinion database is the largest in the fashion industry and allows us to understand consumer preferences about products in an unrivalled manner that enables our partners to outperform the marketplace. Over 530 million customer opinions on products means we understand how an industry leading product should perform and enables us to empower your teams to create more of them in their ranges.

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