Mallzee: A Year in Review

Mallzee: A Year in Review

We spend most of our days at Mallzee Insights analysing the big serious stuff impacting the retail industry, from the damaging discounting trend currently crucifying high street retailers (the volumeof products offered at a discount in 2017 hit a crazy 60% vs just 39% last year) to helping retailers test and analyse new collections to optimise stock levels and full price sell through.. We also analyse the emerging trends and peaking styles in real time so our partners can stay on top of demand and that usually leads to some pretty random facts and figures cropping up. Here's some of what our shoppers were up to this year from the expected to the totally random...


From all things Kylie Jenner to inflatable flamingos and barely there bodysuits, it's fair to say the Instagram world had a huge influence on trends again this year. The instagram queen beat Selena Gomez, Zoella, sister Kendall and even Princess to be, Meghan Markle as our most popular celebrity of 2017. Meanwhile Summer saw an unprecedented spike in flamingo searches, closely followed by some pretty spectacular avocado and unicorn spikes, too. The popularity of the instagram 'silhouette' also became pretty apparent among younger shoppers with super high waisted skinny denim styles 28% more popular than trend forecasted straight legs and bodysuits ranking as the most searched item of 2017 (yes, even in Winter.)


The 'Athleisure' trend continued to make an impact in 2017, with the classic Calvin Klein bralet the highest ranked product among female shoppers and a pair of simple Bee Inspired track pants coming out top for the males. The move towards comfy clothing was very pronounced across the year with our 'loungewear' feed 18% more popular than 'party dresses’, this is backed up the fact that activewear brands were 23% more popular in 2017 compared to 2016. Everyone really was swimwear obsessed with bikinis, swimsuits and everything in between continuously topping the search charts throughout June, July & August - no doubt inspired by the surprise TV hit of the summer - Love Island.

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