Live retail data

Understand product performance from new & existing customer groups with live data collection from the Mallzee app.

Real shopping insights

Mallzee is the UK’s leading multi-retailer fashion shopping app, and the original 'Tinder for Fashion'. The app helps people find, compare, save and buy clothes quickly and easily from hundreds of high street retailers. We’ve been downloaded over 1.5 million times and see tens of millions of customer opinions about products generated every month.

Testing products as part of a real shopping experience means that you get insights that better reflect actual customer preference than surveys, focus groups or other situations where customers are taken out of their natural shopping environment and are likely to provide opinions that differ from their actual behaviour. This is part of the reason many retailers get stock decisions wrong - what customers say they want differs to what they actually buy. Our authentic product testing removes this tendency by integrating opinion gathering as part of an authentic online shopping experience.

Competitor benchmarking

Another advantage of live shopping data on a multi-retailer shopping app is that we have a comprehensive data set of over 530 million product opinions, on products from hundreds of retailers and top UK brands. This data allows our partners to understand the full market as part of our competitor benchmarking process. We enable you to understand the performance of your products alongside core competitors - not just your own collections in isolation.

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The Mallzee shopper

Mallzee is used daily by thousands of people. Read more about who uses the Mallzee app, and how we collect information and product opinions. The first step when we start working with new retail partners is to understand your current customer groups. What audiences are you targeting? What are the aspirational groups you would like to reach, that are currently not in your core market? What are the attributes and preferences of your current shopping audience? We target product testing campaigns to the relevant users, based on your brand preferences as well as the consumer behaviours. Find out more about how product testing works by talking to the Mallzee Insights team today.

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