Mallzee at Jacket Required

Join us at the UK’s first data supported trade show. At Jacket Required, Mallzee will showcase over 38,000 customer opinions on a range of products from the show.

Bringing data to decision making in retail

In today's difficult retail environment retailers are taking less risks on stock and are becoming ever-more data driven. This is being fuelled by discount rates that are now approaching 50% and fears of stockout on the best performing products.

Product Future by Mallzee Insights is the UK’s leader in product testing and to date has generated over 530 million customer opinions on fashion products for some of the biggest retailers and brands around. These insights have helped them to make better product buying, merchandising and marketing decisions - increasing gross margins by up to 6.1%.

Product insights at Jacket Required

For Jacket Required SS20 we’re launching the UK’s first data supported trade show, which will showcase over 38,000 customer opinions on a range of products from the show. (Based on testing 100 products.)

How does Product Future work?

Image describing how Product Future works

Authentic customer insights from product testing

We generate opinions through Mallzee - our shopping and discovery platform based on a ‘Tinder’ swipe-to-like interface. The platform features over 150 retailers, and 99.9% of the products on the app are purchasable. To date over 1 million UK consumers have downloaded Mallzee.

With Product Future we drop in pre-release products into the normal shopping experience as an ‘exclusive first look’ and generate insights on them from real shopper interactions. To test a product, all that is needed is a picture of the product and the retail price.

Customer feedback and insights are now vital to the product development and buying process. This partnership between Mallzee Insights and Jacket Required means brands attending Jacket Required SS20 can be at the cutting edge of this change and use real customer insights in their conversations and strategies. With tens of thousands of customer opinions to support your conversations with buyers and press at Jacket Required, you can support your assertion on how successful your new ranges will be with authentic customer data.

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