How we do it at Mallzee Insights

We know merchandising, buying, and trading teams have busy lives and that’s why we’ve made Product Future incredibly simple to run and analyse.

All products are tested on the Mallzee app so there is no technical integration needed to set up a campaign, meaning we can get products live quickly without being delayed by a lengthy technical development process.

To test a product all we need is a picture of the product, its price point and your target customer demographic.

This information is collected via a simple spreadsheet to ensure there is no need for you to learn how to upload the information yourself or operate a new system.

For product photography we request the image is provided off model, ideally with a white background, this ensures there is no variance in score caused by the models used.

When providing results we create an in-depth report that is easy to share across teams, focussing on three key areas;

Product Ranking

How does each product rank against other products in the collection? How likely will each product be to succeed when brought to market?

Demographic Breakdown

How does a product perform with each of your multiple customer segments? Which products have wide appeal and which products are more niche?

Product and Brand Benchmarking

How does each product perform against products you’ve previously brought to market and similar products from your competitors? How does your brand perform against competitor brands overall?

Depending on the demographic we can deliver results in as a little as a week.

Additional Value

The insights generated can also help to set marketing strategy and stock location strategy by using the demographic and location targeting information generated as part of every Product Future product.


Product Future is run on a price per product basis meaning you’re not tied into an expensive annual contract and instead can use the service at the times you really need it. Mallzee Insights is designed to cater to retailers of all sizes, whether you’re bringing 50 new products to market a month or 5,000.


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