Mallzee Insights features

The smart product testing solution that gives you authentic insights into customer preferences before committing to stock decisions.

Make retail better with Mallzee Insights

Imagine knowing what customers want before you’ve bought any stock... We predict the product winners and losers up to 12 months in advance, and help you understand their predicted performance with multiple customer groups. This helps your teams make better product decisions, improving gross margin and reducing waste.

Authentic customer insights

Test products early in their development cycle with real customers in an authentic shopping situation. Harnessing customer-centric data allows you to make better decisions about which products to stock and which to avoid. Find out more about live retail data.

Pre-release product testing

Increase your teams' hit rate, reduce exposure to slow-moving or even terminal stock, and improve your results with product testing from Mallzee Insights. Find out more about product testing.

Comprehensive data

Over 530 million product ratings on more than 3.5 million products. The UK's largest customer opinion dataset allows you to test, understand performance and benchmark against similar available in the market. Find out more about our data.

Competitor benchmarking

With millions of data points from historical performance across hundreds of brands, merchants and retailers, Mallzee Insights gives you a unique competitive understanding of your market share. Find out more about competitor benchmarking.

No technical integration

We pride ourselves on being a light touch solution, with no technical requirements from your teams or IT departments. Our cutting-edge technology works seamlessly with your existing processes. Find out more about our technology.

Product testing helps you maximise revenue from seasonal buys, cut markdowns and improve gross margin. Find out what product testing can do to your bottom line by speaking with the Mallzee team.

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