Winners in denim

Nailing this category is essential; we explore how retailers can get it right.

Winners in denim

It is estimated that each year 70 million pairs of jeans are sold in the UK and that the majority of us own more pairs of jeans than there are days of the week to wear them.

Denim therefore is one of the most important categories for fashion retailers - bellwether retailer Topshop previously announced that they sell a pair of jeans every 10 seconds!

Jeans have come a very long way since Levi Strauss patented his first pair back in 1873. Originally designed to be heavy duty workwear they now transcend all sartorial situations and can be found in boardrooms, playgrounds, nightclubs and everywhere in between.

Available in a huge variety of styles and colours - predicting and stocking the denim that your customers want each season is a constant challenge. We here at Mallzee Insights have used the unique customer insights gathered via our Mallzee shopping apps to identify the three most popular premium denim styles on the market right now.

Congratulations to Anthropologie, French Connection and Jigsaw!

If your new season denim hasn’t made it into the top three here’s hoping it’s straight legged, cropped and neutral…….

The Mallzee Performance Score (MPS) - illustrates how consumers are interacting with products on the Mallzee app and is the total percentage of positive interactions - enabling the benchmarking of products, trends, brands and categories in terms of customer popularity.  

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