Vegan products win over consumers

Plant-based living doesn't only cover food habits! Consumers are seeking more sustainable choices elsewhere too...

Vegan products win over consumers

Initiatives such as Veganuary have put our consumption of animal originated food and products firmly under the spotlight, with supermarket figures showing a dramatic rise in plant-based food sales.

But what impact are we seeing on the fashion industry? Well, leather has long been a popular footwear and clothing material but its more ethical substitute - faux leather or Pleather as it's often called, is growing fast.

The global synthetic leather market size was valued at USD 29.2 billion in 2019 and is projected to expand at 7-8% over the next few years.

Looking at the products available on the high street (based on the Mallzee shopping app) we can see that there are currently thousands of faux leather products available from shoes, to jackets, and trousers to shorts. Leather, and by association fake leather, has long been expanding out of the more traditional categories.

Some brands such as Stella McCartney have built brands around their animal-friendly principles - only offering vegan-friendly products but others have introduced vegan-friendly options.

One such brand is Dr. Martens with their non-leather vegan boots.

Interestingly these boots score just as highly as their leather counterparts showing a real appetite for this kind of product. Another brand introducing non-leather alternatives into their range is Fila - whose vegan option also scored a very respectable 8

We predict that faux leather will only surge in popularity, as quality improves and consumer purchase trends continue to change.

It will be interesting to see how fast each retailer adapts, as well as how they position the use of faux leather.

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