The Great British Beige Off

Beige, neutral, oatmeal or stone. Whatever the term it's a huge trend but is it here to stay?

The Great British Beige Off

Beige is being touted as one of the biggest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 19, albeit often under its more fashionista names of “contemporary oatmeal’ or “stony ground”.

It may have taken over the catwalks and fashion pages but we here at Mallzee Insights don’t take anything at face value - we are always more interested in how a trend resonates with actual consumers. Read on to find out if consumers are going nutty for neutrals or find beige boring and whether this is dependent on category...

At Mallzee Insights we calculate what we call the Mallzee Performance Score (MPS) - this illustrates how consumers are interacting with products on the Mallzee app and is the total percentage of positive interactions - this enables us to benchmark items, trends, brands and categories in terms of consumer popularity.

The graph below shows the volume of beige items available per category and also the MPS for each in some of the standout categories. To put the MPS scores into context - the average MPS across all categories for females sits at around 8%.

In terms of beige as a trend we can see that;

  • Trainers and dresses appear to be flooding the market, possibly even saturating it, yet the MPS ratings for both are above the category averages; beige trainers are scoring an MPS of 7.9% compared to a trainer average MPS of 7.4% and beige dresses are scoring an impressive 8.4% compared to a dresses MPS average of 6.9%.  Mind you with the sheer volume of products on the market - we will no doubt see a number of these discounted in the near future.
  • Beige bags and trousers both have low MPS scores - both sitting at 5.9% (the average MPS for bags across the whole category is 9.7% and trousers is 7.8%) therefore the relatively low stock volumes available on these items matches demand.
  • Consumers clearly like beige skirts with a high MPS of 14.7% (the average MPS score across all skirts is 7.8%)  in this category being liked by consumers but this is a category that is currently being underserved by retailers with the lowest number of beige products available.

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