THAT Zara dress...

You know the dress, but why is it knocking the competitors out of the water. What's so special about THAT dress!?

THAT Zara dress...

Costing only £39.99 this Zara polka-dot maxi-dress has become the standout hit of summer 2019 - it even has its own Instagram account @hot4thespot where wearers can post pictures of themselves wearing it to over 10K fellow followers!).

But how does a product breakthrough the crowded womenswear market and become such a summer sensation?

The Three Musketeers of Success;

Firstly - it’s a great product

It ticks many of summer 2019 key fashion trends without being too of the moment, fashion-forward. It’s floaty and oversized with a subtle nod to both the animal and polka dot trends so popular right now.

Secondly - it has a very wide appeal

It appeals to a huge selection of consumers and not just a niche fashion-driven grouping. With its floaty style, colourway and clear versatility the dress appeals to consumers of all ages, sizes and backgrounds and can be worn for practically all occasions.

Pricing is also key, £39.99 is a great price for such a versatile dress, it’s also a sweet spot for pricing - appealing to the widest range of shoppers - not put off by it being too expensive but also not avoiding for fear of it to be too badly made at a low price point.

Thirdly - it’s in stock and available

Zara has mastered its supply chain infrastructure and has been able to meet consumer demand for this dress which has been selling in its thousands but is still in stock and available. Whereas Marks and Spencer, for example, had an early summer hit with their Holly Willoughby inspired denim range but this all too quickly led to empty shelves and frustrated customers.

This Zara polka-dot, maxi-dress is a masterclass in the basics of fashion retail - even when times are tough consumers will happily (and in their millions) buy if you offer a great product, with wide appeal and most importantly it is in stock and available when the customer wants it.

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