Jeans: popularity continues to rise

It's undeniable, jeans are a staple in most wardrobes that aren't going away anytime soon

Jeans: popularity continues to rise

Jeans are one of the most popular clothing items, worn by men and women alike, irrespective of age, size or demographic, in-fact the global denim jeans market is forecast to be worth around 85.4 billion dollars in retail sales by 2025, up from 66 billion dollars in 2018. With a category this important to the fashion industry it’s little surprise that Product Intelligence has a huge volume of jeans included on the platform - 26,112 pairs to be exact!

Of these 17,259 are classified as for women and 8,853 for men.

Searching based on the Mallzee Grades * allows us to identify that today there are 276 pairs of jeans (male and female) with a Mallzee Grade 10 - the highest consumer rating. 203 of which are female jeans and 73 are male.

Of the female top-rated jeans currently featuring on Product Intelligence, there are ripped, skinny, mom, boyfriend, blue, black and white. Check out the Mallzee Grade 10 list via search! Remember, it will change daily.

* Mallzee Grades are based on product sentiment data generated by the thousands of consumers who are swiping through products on the Mallzee shopping app, every single day. Algorithms based on these interactions attribute performance grades for each.


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