Florals go grown-up

Mallzee consumers are loving dark and edgy floral tones as we move into Fall.

Florals go grown-up

For that special occasion, big meeting or an epic night out, nothing beats the perfect dress. Dresses are consistently one of the most searched and liked products on Mallzee, and the percentage of dresses we have in the Mallzee app rises year on year.

However, it's also where we see retailers having to slash prices at the end of the season and all too often even mid-season - currently, a huge 54% of dresses in the Mallzee app are being sold at a discount!

Getting it right is hard - it's rare to find a dress (like THAT Zara dress) that's popular with every demographic. However, when it comes to trends, we are seeing one particular one with high MPS scores.

Dark Florals

Dark florals is the trend that is remaining popular in Mallzee as we move into Fall - florals represent a fifth of dresses on the Mallzee app currently and dark dresses have a certain edge that’s pushing them ahead of the competition.  

It’s a trend that can be dressed up, toughened up when paired with a leather jacket or even moved into casual-wear when worn alongside trainers. But who does it appeal to? It's particularly interesting to see that the dark floral trend is a lot more popular amongst the over 30s, delivering an average MPS score of 13% for this age range compared to an MPS of 6% for under 30s.

Here are our top performers:

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