Festival trends exposed

We give you the low-down on the festival trends Mallzee customers love...

Festival trends exposed

Festival season is kicking off, but what products do consumers on the Mallzee app love come festival time? According to The UK Festival Awards 2018, the uncertain economic climate had an impact on festival goers last year, with 47% attending fewer festivals, opting for a day ticket or spending less on alcohol during events. So with festival goers purse strings tighter than ever, it's essential to get the right product for these consumers.

Here are the key takeaways we’ve spotted for typical festival categories as we head into the festival season...

Denim skirt styles are varied

When it comes to summer a denim skirt is a perennial must-have. When we look at the Mallzee app and see how denim skirts are performing there's a few that stand out as top performers, a classic black piece by H&M, a button style by MissPap and a ripped style by Glamorous. This highlights the styles we're seeing when it comes to this category - consumers aren't being drawn towards one fleeting trend and the classic looks are still going strong. In particular, a score of 22% for the H&M denim skirt is very strong and indicates high purchase intent given the average score in the Mallzee app is 8%.

Wellies are a style statement

Wellies were once solely a utilitarian purchase to keep your feet dry. But no more - the humble welly has become a style statement in its own right - in large part down to the festival trend for wellies and shorts! This year we are seeing shoppers upping the ante when it comes to style and choosing products that really stand out. The most popular styles in the Mallzee app vary from the classic olive green styles to half leg glitter wellies.

Bumbags are big news

It's a divisive accessory, hated by many and previously only loved by eager tourists. However, the bumbag has gone mainstream, and we're seeing consumers in the Mallzee app responding well to the trend with mid-market, fast fashion and designer retailers all interpreting it in their own way.

Commonly now worn in a crossbody style, the new flexibility of the bumbag could be one of the reasons it's seen a sustained increase in popularity. We've seen a small dip in the last month or so, perhaps making way for new styles such as straw, however, bumbags are still enjoying much higher scores than this time last year.

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