Canada Goose: colour-way breakdown

Canada Goose are paving the way for luxury outerwear, but can they crack non standard colour-ways?

Canada Goose: colour-way breakdown

An aspirational brand

Canada Goose is one luxury brand that consumers are happy to pay hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of pounds for. They have a distinct look, strong USP - they are warm, very warm and an easily identifiable brand.

As an aspirational designer brand with a high price point - how do they maintain the value of their products when so many other brands are having to discount heavily to secure sales. Well, primarily this is because the brand is established, strong and identifiable but secondly they have stuck to their strategy and avoided the temptation to resort to discounting to negotiate the tough market conditions.

Canada Goose is simply not a brand that I associate with discounting - this doesn’t mean that their products are never discounted because they are - it's more a case of which products are discounted.

Canada Goose on Mallzee

Looking at the Canada Goose items currently available on the Mallzee shopping app, and there are 380 products and 63 of these are discounted (16%) whereas across the whole industry 54% of products currently on the market are being offered at a discount!

Taking a closer look at the 63 Canada Goose products currently discounted we can see that its generally the more fashion-led pieces - so, for example, this jacket may be one of their best sellers but it’s only the non standard colours that are discounted rather than the classic colours. The low Mallzee grade shows that it's not popular with consumers.

Core range versus outliers

It looks like Canada Goose has their core products and colour-ways which form the bulk of their business but the company keeps themselves current by offering a limited range of  fashion-forward styles and colours each season and these are the ones which end up reduced in price.

This highlights that the majority of consumers purchasing Canada Goose products want an investment classic item that won’t date when they are paying Canada Goose prices, by avoiding discounting these classic products the company is able to maintain its perceived value.

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