All that glitters is not gold - unless the year is 2019 when it looks like it will be!

It's all about gold this year - we delve into how this trend will pan out...

All that glitters is not gold - unless the year is 2019 when it looks like it will be!

2019 looks like a big year for accessories; hair adornments and jewellery - we say this - based not on an increase in the volume of products on the high street or glossy advertising campaigns but on what customers are actually searching for and liking on the Mallzee app.

We here at Mallzee Insights always keep an eye on what our shopping community are interacting with most out of the millions of products on the Mallzee shopping app and have a high success rate for spotting future trends early, by doing this.

So according to our real time customer opinion data - jewellery is having a moment and quite a specific one at that - 2019 looks set to be golden! Typically summer jewellery falls into three distinct looks - silver, gold and ethnic (think beaded, turquoise and leather) but this year there is one trend really dominating…and it's gold.

Looking at the graphs below we can see that the volume of gold products available on the high street is growing year on year and that gold products are way more popular than silver right now - having a much higher Mallzee Performance Score. The Mallzee Performance Score is based on the positive interactions customers have with products.

Percentage of gold/silver products


This trend is confirmed when we look at the top three trending earrings in the app - all are gold even although there are more silver than gold options on the market right now.

Gold's popularity has been growing over the last few years, no doubt partly fueled by the vintage trend sweeping across all categories, so if you haven’t already done so it is time to bury the silver and invest in gold for your future products.

We have also spotted another accessories opportunity - whilst there has been an increase in hair accessories on the market over the last few years, consumer appetite for more is still very high. The graph below shows the Mallzee Performance Score (MPS) soaring for hair accessories over the last few months. We know from experience that when a category reaches saturation point in terms of volume of products available, this MPS score plateaus and falls off - therefore for retailers who can move quickly to source new product, there is still a solid opportunity to bring to market more hair accessories.


Many brands are now turning to Mallzee Insights to help them hunt out the next trends through our product testing solution, Product Future which allows them to generate future facing insights on new products before stock decisions are taken.

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