About us

Mallzee - a story of making retail better

Mallzee started in 2013. We initially set out to build a great consumer shopping experience to make it easier to shop, bringing together all the leading retailers into one simple-to-use app. We quickly realised that as well as making shopping better for consumers, there was a much bigger need in the retail industry overall.

Product testing and online shopping

Through dynamic acquisition of product information, we identified an increasing level of discounting and stock-outages for retailers of all sizes. Mallzee Insights provides product testing and in-depth analytics on pre-release products for retailers of all sizes. With millions of customer data points, we realised we can help retailers connect to consumer preferences and make better buying decisions about their stock. Our vision became about making retail better, for both consumers and retailers.

We have continued delivering a fantastic mobile shopping experience to consumers via the Mallzee app, expanding our audiences and building smart shopping features and an easy checkout experience. This has given us an established, engaged, consumer-base that generates powerful insights on products. We now have the world’s largest database of product opinions - enabling us to benchmark and understand how new products will perform when testing.

Our team & vision

A great group of talented people work at Mallzee. We are a mix of engineers, data scientists and commercially focused retail experts, all passionate about what we do. Meet the Mallzee team.

Our long-term vision is to make retail better. We want to make shopping better for the customer, and help brands and retailers bring the right products to the market, focusing on creating products that consumers really want rather than having to rely on discounting and financially unsustainable strategies. This improves consumer happiness and also reduces waste. We believe that the future of retail will see brands and retailers empower their teams with compelling insights to help support their decision making, moving past gut decision reliance onto customer opinions and data.

Product Future

Combining retail expertise, cutting-edge technology and advanced data science, we have created Product Future, which has become an industry-defining offering that drives real improvement for our partners, while our apps give tens of thousands of consumers who shop with us every month an easy and powerful shopping app with hundreds of retailers in one place.

Some of our retail and data experts

Cally Russell - CEO & Founder

‘Many industries rely on customer feedback in their development process, but until now fashion retail didn’t have that option. Focus groups and surveys don’t work with emotionally driven decisions and that’s why you need to collect customer opinions in an organic way that aligns with a shopper’s natural approach to browsing fashion. This is exactly how we’ve developed Product Future and it has enabled us to build the perfect tool to help buying, merchandising and trading teams make better decisions.’

Catriona - Retail Insights Manager

‘Working with retailers and brands every day it’s clear that the combination of their own in-depth product knowledge alongside the insights we generate with Product Future creates long-term value for them and helps them navigate the challenging retail environment they face.’

Martina - Lead Data Scientist

‘The data we generate is aggregated to derive statistical information and used to build algorithms to predict the performance of products on the market, as well as the affinity of different demographics and personas to them.’

The rest of the team

Our passionate and enthusiastic team combines retail expertise, data science, leading technology and first class customer service. Meet the full Mallzee Insights team

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