Optimising profitability, predicting the future.

Mallzee Insights is a suite of innovative data led solutions for the retail industry. Our platforms allow you to optimise at every stage of the design, buying, merchandising and marketing process to fundamentally increase full price stock sell through.

We understand the challenges faced by retailers in making the right stock decisions. Our suite of retail insight solutions aims to arm teams across the process with new data to overcome these specific challenges with one goal in mind: to increase full price stock sell through.

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Optimise Best Sellers

Identify category winners early in the merchandising cycle and give teams the confidence to increase stock levels on winning SKUs to fully satisfy demand and take advantage of full price sales.

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Minimise Overstock

Avoid overstocking less popular styles with pre-sale insights on your actual products. Plus, minimise profit impact with early indicators of performance that allow you to take action early to avoid stagnant stock.

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Capitalise on Trends

Identify emerging and peaking micro trends early to fulfil customer demand, capitalise on opportunity and stay ahead of your competition.

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Personalise Marketing

Match the right products to specific demographics and audiences for improved performance across Marketing channels and increased overall conversions.

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Our Data

Mallzee Insights is powered by Mallzee, the UK's leading multi retailer shopping app. This approach produces an entirely unique dataset that comes direct from real consumers.

Right Context

Consumers are in a genuine shopping environment when they share their opinions for a data set that is un-compromised by context or incentive.

Multiple Demographics

With opinions recorded from over a million consumers, Mallzee Insights lets you tailor insight to the audiences that matter most to you, whatever the demographic.

Uncompromised Data

Our datasets are constantly maintained and developed by a team of data scientists to ensure accurate gathering and processing for the most statistically relevant insights.

Real Time

We gather millions of data points every single day with our data sets updated by the second for insight that shows what consumers want right now, not last season.

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Our Solutions

Mallzee Marketing

Data Led Audience Specific Marketing

Product Future

Pre-Sale Product Performance Insight

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Quick Insights

With millions of data points collected and updated every day, you’ll begin to see relevant data within a few hours of going live.

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Dedicated Support

You’ll be assigned a hands on Success Manager to ensure you’re getting the most out of Mallzee Insights.

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Easy Integration

No site access or complicated integration is required on your side, so you can get started easily.

Working with Mallzee is a pleasure! They have a great concept that performs well and is supported by a great team! The interface is easy to use and as a publisher they are very efficient, organised, and very much on trend.

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