Product testing to increase full-price sales

50% of new products brought to market fail. Mallzee Insights lets you test new products before committing to stock - helping you make better decisions.

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Product testing makes retail better

Fashion retail has changed. Consumers now have an unbelievable choice of new products and places to shop. Brands and retailers need to adapt to stand out from the pack - by making sure they have the products customers want, at the right price and the right time.

Mallzee Insights helps companies of all sizes do this through our product testing solution, Product Future.

Product Future lets companies showcase products early in their development cycle on the award-winning Mallzee app and get thousands of real customer opinions before they commit to any stock. Using over 530 million customer opinions, advanced machine learning and a series of proprietary algorithms we then generate a unique report that helps your teams make smarter, faster and better stock related decisions, in turn growing gross margins.

Change your business with product testing

Increase Gross Margin and Profitability

Increase gross margin and profitability

Increase coverage of the best performers and reduce exposure to the worst with product insights before any stock is ordered.

Focus on Real Customer Feedback

Focus on real customer feedback

Ask customers their opinions in a shopping environment, not an incentivised survey to get a true read on future performance.

Understand Market Positioning

Understand market positioning

Benchmark your products against your direct competitors and understand how your stock performs in comparison.

Improve Sustainability

Improve sustainability

Reduce waste from unsold lines and needless sampling to minimise environmental impact.

Unlock New Customer Growth

Unlock new customer growth

Understand which products appeal to new customer groups to optimise sales opportunities.

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce time to market

Test products in the design stage through CADs and reduce the need for long internal review processes.

All with zero technical integration needed

For someone that doesn’t love Excel, the visual approach of the report data is easy to understand and utilise.

Senior Footwear Buyer at a £900M + turnover fashion group


Opinions generated


Products rated



How it works: Product testing in 3 simple steps


Send us sample imagery or CADs of products you want to test


We collect 1000s of opinions from shoppers on the Mallzee app


You receive a report predicting how your products will perform

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